Jan 7 2014 23:36 1 note

Today my boyfriend started raging over small things…

When he rages, it’s kind of scary ~ Even Furby gets scared..

Well here is a cute doodle I did on some online paint pad because I was bored. Drew with a mouse and now my hand hurts >__<~!

Jun 19 2012 16:52 21 notes

AMORRA~!! (Amon x Korra) Shipping. no hate please, I dream of them. 

I drew this for Kenny, because he is planning on being Amon for halloween 2012, and I was going to be Korra. And it kind of matches our relationship kind of…^^;; I drew it in his yearbook, kind of like my one year gift for him, but I still have something coming (sorry it’s late dearry). Things with us is short of a love-hate thing recently, kind of like how Amorra is weird because of their love-hate, if it were to happen. Hope you like it~ :) htc one s phone quality.