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NWFF 2014 + July 12 Photoshoot.

Today’s photoshoot pictures came out really well. It was my first cosplay meet up. There wasn’t a lot of people that went due to traffic and Seattle’s dragon fest and an EMP event. I had a ton of fun minus dying in the heat with my SnK outfit. 
[Note: 3DMG got ruined from a running shoot so they are not in my pictures. I will definitely remake them to be more sturdier for next shoot/con]

Photographer: Plainswalker
More on his page and my Cosplay Page! Only posting my favorites here from today and NWFF 2014.

NWFF 2014 In Vancouver Canada Pictures Below :3

Photographers: Fanged Photography & Rotoshoot
Mikasa (me) featuring her bae, Eren (Kenny)! :D

Jul 12 2014 16:05 2 notes

Just finished my Mikasa photoshoot around Bellevue Square and the park near it. It was fun but very hot in my outfit. Pictures will be up soon on facebook and my cosplay page. I go to the mall and all the Attack in Titan fans either saluted me like they do in thr show or took pics of or with me. This was kind of cool to experience heheheheheh

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Lazy summer faces of Furby.

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Happy 4th of July~!

Jul 2 2014 11:05 1 note

Post Con Depression

I am have post con depression. I really miss being at a convention and being in cosplay. I miss wearing my SnK uniform, wearing my hair like Mikasa and being an Eren x Mikasa ship with my boyfriend at the con. T__T Why can’t anime/fandom/video game cons be forever and 24/7?!

Mikasa Ackerman : Bootsie Cosplay
Eren Jaeger : Kenbo Cosplay 

Jul 1 2014 9:13 3 notes

Thanks for wrapping this scarf around me, Eren.

Northwest fan fest 2014 with @justbeingkenny
Photographer: Fanged Photography
Cosplayers: Bootsie Cosplay & Kenbo Cosplay

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